2017 Convention Presentations

The Art and Science of Resilience, Wendy Ulrich, PhD


The Resilience Breakthrough: Practitioner-Based Strategies for Transforming Challenges into Fuel, Christian Moore, MSW, LCSW


Building Wellness and Resilience: An Integrative Approach, Carrie Maxwell Wrigley, LCSW


Mind the Generation Gap: Building Inroads Towards Understanding for Families with LGBT Members, Tonya Baker Miller, CSW, Stacie A. Sears, LCSW, and Panel Members: Randall Chadwick, Tom Christofferson, Sabina Mendoza, and Andy Miller



Neurofeedback: Capitalizing on the Resilience of the Brain, Taunya Cox, CMHC


Cultivating Emotional and Spiritual Resilience: Verified Interventions based on Principles of Self-Reliance, Elizabeth Patterson, CPC, HeartMath Trainer, JR Patterson, BS, MFT Intern, Shauna Bradley, MSW, LCSW, and Lori Rowe Johnson, MS


What To Do Before Therapy Starts: Resiliency Building and/or Jumpstarting the Therapeutic Experience, Ryan J. Hulbert, PhD


From Trauma to Resilience: Navigating the Effects of Relational PTSD, Ryan Christiansen, LCSW,   CSAT-S


Ethics Considerations with Treating Volatile Relationships, Michael Dunn, MA, LMFT, CSAT, MAC


Beyond Betrayal: From Neurology to Metaphor – A Multi-model Approach to Healing Betrayal in Relationships, Dan Oakes, MEd, LPC, CSAT


Can We Really Help Couples Forgive and Forget? How to Help Couples Recover from Infidelity, Jonathan Swinton, PhD, LMFT, MedFT


Beyond the 12 Steps: A Comprehensive Look at Recovery from Addictions, Russell Seigenberg, PhD


Examining the Unexamined: Decreasing Shame by Assisting Clients to Question Hidden Assumptions in their Personal Religious Narrative, Jeffrey W. Robinson, PhD, LMFT


Safeguarding the Resilience of International Humanitarian Assistance Workers, Richard W. Klomp, MOB, MS, LPC, BCPC


Building Resilience: Understanding the Adjustment Differences Between Early Returned and Full Term Serving Missionaries, Kristine Doty-Yells, PhD, LCSW, Daniel A. Melendez, Marisa Moss, and Carli Jones


Resilience and the Care of Moral Injury, Martha LaRiviere, MA



Story Telling Parenting: Simple Stories and Practical Strategies for Raising Resilient Children, Anne Evans-Cazier, LCSW, and Calvert F Cazier, PhD, MPH



Clinical and Spiritual Implications from Understanding the Experience for LDS Men with Depression in Utah, Fredrick S. Ward, MSW, CSW, and Matt Forbes, MSW



Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll (without the Drugs and Rock and Roll): Ethical Challenges of the Day, Panel Members: J. Douglas LeCheminant, LCSW, Rebecca Taylor, LCSW, Mark Chamberlain, PhD, and Kevin Theriot, PhD