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We have received numerous inquiries regarding our response to the highly publicized Natasha Helfer case and her current relationship with the Church.

AMCAP respects and supports the private and religious relationship between the Church and each of its members.
David T. Seamons, Ph.D.
President AMCAP Board

AMCAP directory is a database of members who are local and international mental health professionals. AMCAP members support the purposes and ethical guidelines of AMCAP as stated in its Bylaws. AMCAP is a non-profit organization that is not sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but is guided by its doctrine and practices.

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Reconciliation: Meeting the Needs of African American Latter-Day Saints; Eunicia Jones, Ph.D, LMFTA and Andrew Brimhall, Ph.D, LMFT