Dear AMCAP member,

I hope this email finds you and your family well and safe. 2020 was indeed a year of great challenges and change for all of us. Some of those changes have stretched us in ways we had not thought possible. While other difficulties have motivated us to improve our own coping skills in preparation for the future. Personally, I have learned a more advanced operational definition of the word RESILIENCY!

In my 40+ years of private practice, I have never seen the need for mental health services as I have this past year. There appears to be a never ending need for listening ears, compassionate hearts, and words of counsel to establish peace in this time of great turmoil.

I am also in hopes that most of you have received the first of two COVID-19 vaccinations. Utah has cleared health care professionals and staff to receive them approximately 2 weeks ago. If you are unaware of this opportunity, contact your local County Health Department for an appointment.

It was recently announced that the April 2021 General Conference will be broadcast virtually. The State of Utah continues to counsel against any large gatherings. In light of this information, the AMCAP Board has decided to postpone April’s live conference to October 2021. We wanted to inform you of this change as soon as possible.

In place of our live April 2021 conference, we will make available the opportunity to earn CEU’s by watching past AMCAP conference presentations through our webpage. Further information concerning these presentations will be forthcoming.

The Board would especially like to express their appreciation to those who have been willing to postpone their presentations from last October 2020, to this April 2021, and hopefully on to October 2021. It is our desire to keep the same theme, with the same format and presenters as much as possible for this future date.

Thank you for your dedication to your profession, and the lives you have influenced by your continued willingness to serve at this critical time.

I look forward to being able to gather in October 2021 and renew friendships and provided support and instruction to one another.

David T. Seamons, Ph.D.

President AMCAP