Serving at AMCAP

Colored Hands - Ways to Serve

AMCAP needs you and your unique talents!  Here are some of the areas in which you might be of service:


  • Run for office as: President, Vice-President or Treasurer
  • Serve as one of the six board members
  • Serve as the Student Representative

Committee Chairmen

  • Serve on a convention committee to help plan a convention
  • Serve on a hospitality committee, greet and welcome new members at convention
  • Serve as a student representative at your university
  • Serve on a committee for student involvement
  • Serve on the publicity committee, helping with press releases, brochures, fliers
  • Serve on a publication committee, helping edit the journal and website

Local Chapters

  • Serve as a chapter coordinator in your local area
  • Oversee a group of chapter coordinators
  • Help plan training and liaisons among areas
  • Assist the chapter coordinator in your local area

Conventions and Events

  • Help with set up or clean up
  • Help with registration
  • Help with audio-visual equipment or take pictures
  • Help with arrangements for continuing education credits


  • Submit material for the peer-reviewed AMCAP Journal
  • Serve on the editorial board for the AMCAP Journal
  • Write content for the Networker
  • Help edit the Networker
  • Write content for the AMCAP/Deseret Digital Media project


  • Be a forum moderator
  • Be an active AMCAP blogger
  • Help with WordPress maintenance
  • Help as a Twitter project manager
  • Help as a Facebook project manager
  • Help as a LinkedIn project manager

Financial Support

  • Become a lifetime member for $750.00
  • Make a financial donation online
  • Ask friends, family, co-workers and clients to make a financial donation online


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