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We look forward to hosting a mental health conference in 2014 and a “marriage bootcamp.”  Please contact Julie if you have ideas or recommendations at 503-367-3534.

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The following group information is provided as a convenience.  AMCAP does not endorse any groups.

For the location of a church-sponsored addiction recovery group near you, please see http://addictionrecovery.lds.org/find-a-meeting?lang=eng

For a group tailored specifically for sexually addictive behaviors, the following options are available at $50 per session.  Your insurance may cover some or all of the fee.

19+ Males Thursdays at 5:40 in Hillsboro

19+ Males Thursdays at 7:30 in Hillsboro

14-18 Males Thursdays at 4-5:30 in Hillsboro

There is also a women’s support group.  Please contact Brent Cichoski, LPC at 503-747-8171


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Would you like a professional LDS speaker at your next fireside, 5th Sunday lesson, or other meeting?  Please contact Julie at 503-367-3534 to arrange this.  We have a variety of speakers with specialties in Parenting, Marriage, Adolescents, Addictions, Pornography, Depression, Anxiety, Self-Harm, Suicide, Grief, Divorce, and more!


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