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920 W Heritage Park Blvd, Suite 200B
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Uplifting Hearts Counseling

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I specialize in using DBT to help people make lasting life changes. Do you have prolonged sadness? Does your mind seem to run non-stop and worry? Do you have difficulty knowing who you are? Do your emotions seem out of control or shut down? If so, you've come to the right place! I'm committed to helping you find ways to get away from mind dwelling, learn self-acceptance, self-love, and to find effective ways to improve yourself and your relationships.
There IS HOPE to change things about yourself and your life that seem hopeless! I offer individual, family and couples therapy. I specialize in using DBT, Mindfulness, Trauma Focused CBT. I have experience running adolescent, family and adult DBT groups. I also use a variety of other modalities to fit each individual's needs.
My seventeen years of experience includes working with suicidal, self-harming adults and teens, family dysfunction, mood disorders, personality disorders, low self-worth, failed relationships, and surviving trauma. Free phone consultations available.

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Serianna Cox