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Dr. Manwaring is a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and a clinical assistant professor at a local university.  When he is not teaching, he meets with teens and adults over video teleconferencing to help them navigate mental/emotional challenges.  Whether you are dealing with severe suicidal thoughts or just need to council with a professional on navigating a road bump, he is eager to listen.  He provides both psychotherapy and medications.  His clients enjoy his holistic approach and ability to provide alternatives to medication.  He has even been known to help his clients eliminate some of their medications by addressing underlying obstacles to their health.  To schedule call 208-615-9400.

You can listen to some of his interviews on KISU podcast radio at

My Philosophy:

Several years ago, I was able to view some original Rembrandt etchings on display at a nearby museum.  What fascinated me most was this artist's capacity to honor the human experience without conforming to the then popular ideals of perfectionism.  In other words, while other artists busied themselves creating lavish and idealized depictions of royal images in grandiose proportions, Rembrandt captured the noble inner qualities of ordinary human beings in the most humbling of circumstances.  He became famous not for the elegance which he bestowed upon his subjects but by drawing out an inner beauty.

When I stare at his iconic portraits crafted with a dramatic use of light and dark tones, I can't help but believe that the light he used to illuminate faces was not shining down upon them but emanating from within.  I would never compare myself to such a renowned artist, and although I have never lifted a paintbrush to a canvas, I seek to emulate this spirit of compassion every time I meet with someone.

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