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Peggy A McFarland, MS, CPLC

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Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor-Idaho (retired); Certified Professional Life Coach


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2648 Graveyard Point Road
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Walk on Water Coaching for Women and Girls (ages 8 to 80)

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My Qualifications and Specialties

I have a master’s degree in mental health counseling from Capella University and a BS Degree in Social Work from BYU-Provo. I am a Certified Life Coach through Light University and a member of the American Association for Christian Counselors and the International Board of Christian Care. I am a retired Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. I am also a BYU-Idaho Adjunct Online Instructor who teaches Parenting 220 to students from all over the world.

If I can Find Peace And Strength Through my Challenges, So Can You!

As a woman, a mother, and a grandmother, I understand the challenges women face today. You might say I've "been there, done that:"

  • generational abuse
  • post-trauma issues
  • chronic negative self-talk
  • being stuck in fear
  • divorce
  • single parenting
  • blended family
  • financial failures
  • chronic health challenges
  • religious perfectionism
  • faith crisis
  • adrenal burnout and exhaustion

My husband, Michael, and I raised a blended family of nine children. I truly understand the challenges of raising children in today’s world!  Here are some of the dilemmas we have faced as parents:

  • neurological and sensory disorders
  • learning disabilities
  • traumatic brain injury
  • alcohol addiction
  • suicidal depression
  • post-mission anxiety and OCD
  • academic giftedness
  • early return missionary
  • auto-immune disease
  • same-sex attraction
  • infertility
  • pornography addiction
  • eating disorders
  • loss of testimony
  • atheism

I specialize in helping women who suffer from:

  • post-trauma issues
  • relationship challenges
  • parenting woes
  • chronic negative thoughts
  • self-sabotage & feeling stuck
  • religious perfectionism
  • burnout

I also specialize in helping girls ages 8 to 18 who need help navigating the "minefield" of media messages that fuel chronic negative self-talk and shame about their bodies. Even the best girls need support to resist the cultural norm of building their self-image on a shaky foundation of appearance and performance. My Healthy Transitions for Girls Curriculum helps girls to nurture all aspects of their lives: emotional, social, physical, spiritual, and intellectual. It helps them to develop their God-given intuition, to recognize that being a girl is special, and that their changing bodies have a beautiful purpose.

My Approach

Women and girls who suffer from these issues do not need to be diagnosed with a "mental disorder" to experience positive change.  I made the decision to retire my counseling license and specialize in coaching because coaching best fits the clients who come to me: amazing, accomplished people who need support to achieve their goals and grow from the painful adversity in their lives.  When a mental disorder has been diagnosed, coaching is a valuable complement to counseling therapy.

My "6 C's" can help you experience more peace and confidence in your everyday life.  I've learned from life experience that when I get stuck, the growth I need will be within one or more of these "6 C" goal areas.

  1. Count On God as Your First Source of Strength. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. ~Philippians 4:13
  2. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. Your constant thoughts create your reality.
  3. Create Supportive Boundaries. Good boundaries define and protect you and your life purpose.
  4. Cultivate Stronger Relationships. Your influence grows through stronger connections.
  5. Capture the Power of Small Changes. Small changes lead to surprise miracles.
  6. Clarify Your Solutions. The answers you seek are already inside of you.

Yes, real, heart-deep change takes hard work and honest soul-searching, but a trusted coach can help you to identify the changes you want to make and provide the gentle accountability you need to press forward in new ways of being. Which "C" needs your focus right now? Metaphorically, coaching can help you to get out of the "boat" of old patterns, and with God's help, learn to "walk on water."

Are You Ready to get out of the "boat" and Walk on Water?

Getting help can be scary. You may feel that seeking help means you have failed. We were never meant to go through the challenges of this life on our own!  You may feel that your problems are too big and beyond help. Yes, real, heart-deep change takes hard work and honest soul-searching, but a trusted coach can help you to identify the changes you want to make and provide the gentle accountability you need to press forward into new ways of being.

FREE 30-minute Consultation

Because the coaching relationship is the primary vehicle for your success, you need to know whether I am the right fit for you. If you are ready to explore getting help,  I offer a FREE 30-minute consultation. Bring your questions. Share your goals and concerns. You can contact me through this website or email me at

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