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Paula C. Wood

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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


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8170 South Highland Dr. #E-3
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The Growing Place

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It is my belief both professionally and personally that we are meant to be growing throughout our life's experiences and that we are meant to be happy. Some growth is difficult. Some growth is painful. Some growth we choose ourselves. Some growth is necessitated by the consequences in our lives of choices others have made that now affect us. Some growth results from life transitions. All experiences can be made easier when we face growing opportunities with confidence, skills and hope as we grow into greater happiness.

Imagine very young children growing into new learning. They do not see it as "work" or as "homework." They see it as exciting and enthusiastically approach new experiences. It is the goal of therapy at "The Growing Place" to approach challenges with that same enthusiasm and attitude. Some challenges, however, because of their nature, are not going to be approached with excitement and enthusiasm. These challenges can be approached through confidence, skills and hope.

As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I am trained to work with children, adolescents, individuals, couples and families. Come to a place dedicated to using research-based interventions to help clients of all ages and with a broad spectrum of challenges grow in confidence, skills and hope to face whatever challenge or difficulty you may currently experiencing.

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Paula C. Wood