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I am a board-certified adult psychiatrist practicing throughout California and Tennessee by videoconference. I primarily work using principles learned from my advanced training in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP). My goal is to help patients quickly identify the patterns that have blocked them from being in touch with their true feelings. I work actively and collaboratively with patients who may enter treatment for a variety of issues, ranging from anxiety and depression to underachieving at work or stage of life transition problem (e.g. from school to career or from single to in a relationship). Regardless of the initial issue, many patients soon realize they have underlying conflicts with intimacy, closeness, and emotional commitment in their personal relationships. I also consider including judicious use of medicine in the context of this emotionally aware therapy to help patients build resilience. All of us are on a journey to discover and develop our inner strength. My goal is to help you live your own life honestly and build the self-reliance to take control of your future. I have a particular empathy for those who are afraid they have made mistakes or journeyed too far from the course they wanted their life to take. I believe all who feel this way deserve to live out their own redemption story, and my goal for therapy is to support and encourage those who wish to make deep character change.

If you think I might be of help to you, please call, email, or follow the website link to set up a trial consultation and explore whether we are a good match.

Please note, I am not an in-network provider on any health insurance plans. I am happy to provide a superbill to you for each session. Superbills are specialized medical receipts that you can submit to your health insurance provider, asking that they reimburse you for a portion of the cost of the services provided to you by me.

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