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Lynette McDonald, LCSW

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Hi- I'm Lynette McDonald, LCSW. I specialize in

EMDR Therapy for adults, including Veterans

Therapy for LDS Women in Midlife and Beyond 

Counseling for Returned Missionaries

EMDR Therapy for Adults

What is EMDR Therapy? ---a gentle way to heal from painful things from the past that may still bother you today. 

Would EMDR Therapy be helpful for you?

  • If you’ve had trauma and you still feel the effects.---even if you think you’ve “moved on“ or it happened long ago.
  • If you've tried to change your “negative thoughts” using self-help or therapy but have not gotten very far? ---Trauma can change how you see yourself, others, and your life.
  • When other kinds of therapy haven’t helped much.

Why does EMDR Therapy help?    Because

  • Trauma is at the root of most emotional problems. When you deal with the root, you heal from the emotional problem.
  • EMDR Therapy is a gentle way to deal with the root and help you heal, and has been proven effective. 

 I am a Certified EMDR Therapist. Let me help you heal and be free from the effects of trauma.

Therapy for LDS Women in Midlife and Beyond

  Why therapy for LDS Women in Midlife and Beyond?  Because

  • LDS women in midlife need skilled therapists, too!
  • Midlife challenges can trigger mental health problems, and an LDS therapist is often the best fit.

  • The relationship between client and therapist is the “secret ingredient” that makes all the difference in how much therapy helps.
  • If you’re an LDS woman, I can better understand where you’re coming from.

  • I am an LDS woman in midlife and beyond, myself. I also know from experience what it’s like to be in our age group.
  • I already understand our shared LDS culture. (You won’t have to keep explaining.)

  • When we meet online, you’ll learn for yourself that I won’t judge.
  • Knowing I’m LDS, too, may help you feel comfortable enough to even start therapy, especially if you’re anxious!

  • I will be supportive. You will make progress.
  • Our therapeutic relationship will have that “secret ingredient” that makes therapy effective!

  • You will see what a difference therapy can make!

Counseling for Returned Missionaries

Adjusting to post-missionary life is a challenge for all missionaries,

but for some, it is especially challenging.

For some, priesthood blessings and talking it out with parents and priesthood leaders may not be enough.

For some, professional counseling can make a crucial, even life-saving difference.

I provided counseling to missionaries as Area Mental Health Advisor, in the Philippines Area, for 22 months from 2019-2021 as a full-time missionary living in the Philippines, and as a service missionary for 8 months in 2022 after I returned home.

I have counseled over 800 individual struggling missionaries, including Americans,

and informally kept in touch with many after they returned home.

This has especially qualified me and given me insight

into how to help them adjust successfully.

My experience has also given me the wisdom to know when a returning young man or woman needs more than just help to adjust, but also needs mental health therapy for a clinical problem, such as Major Depressive Disorder or PTSD. 

I can also provide this treatment, using the skills developed in my 20+ years as a psychotherapist, and I also know when to refer for psychiatric medication or a higher level of care if it is needed.

I can help YOU, the returned missionary, or the returned missionary that you so dearly love. 

I’m as close as your phone or computer, and I can meet with you online wherever you are in Arizona or California. I hope you will contact me.

Note: If you live in AZ I can accept payment through your health insurance if you have Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, UMW, Oscar Health, or Oxford insurance.  Please see my website for more information:   Thank you.

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