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Lynette McDonald, LCSW

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Arizona LCSW 20175 California LCSW 23658


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270 East Hunt Hwy
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San Tan Valley
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As a Certified EMDR Therapist and an experienced LDS Faith-based Counselor, I can help with-

Faith-based LDS Counseling
If you’re a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and need some support and confidential counseling, we can talk about anything that relates to yourself, your faith, and your way of life.
It helps so much to talk to an LDS therapist who understands where you’re coming from, and with whom you can feel safe and accepted.
Maybe you’re questioning matters of faith—having a faith crisis—or maybe someone you love is—and you’re struggling …
or maybe you have concerns related to serving a mission…or returning home…
or problems in your marriage or with your children or extended family…
or you could be facing something incredibly hard— and you just don’t understand how our loving Heavenly Father could let it happen…
I may be the LDS therapist you’ve been looking for. Let’s talk.

and/or with EMDR Therapy for Trauma
EMDR Therapy for Trauma is especially helpful when
you’ve seen something horrific that you can’t un-see…
or been painfully hurt by someone you trusted…
or have been through something terrifying where you felt helpless, and thought you could die, or someone did die…
or when you’ve been confronted with anything that shook your world in a way that made everything feel permanently changed.
In other words, EMDR Therapy helps when you’ve had trauma and you still feel the effects.
EMDR Therapy can also help when you have an issue that other kinds of therapy haven’t helped much. Why?
Unhealed, trauma is at the root of most emotional problems. When you deal with the root, you heal from the emotional problem.
EMDR Therapy is an evidence-based, effective yet gentle way to deal with the root and help you heal.

With 20+ years of experience, I am as close as your phone or computer offering teletherapy AZ and CA.

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Lynette McDonald, LCSW