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My name is Kelly McBride and I enjoy being a part of the healing process for others.  I believe we can experience positive change from within and that there is much reason to hope for better days ahead.

I am an LCSW and have been working in the mental health field since 2007 (15 years).  I have training in EMDR, TF-CBT, DBT, CBT, FFT (Functional Family Therapy), Perinatal mental health, will soon be trained in IFS (Internal Family Systems) and have attended several other trainings over the years.  I have served the following demographics: children (both neurotypical and neurodiverse), adolescents, young adults, parents (lots of parent coaching), family units, expectant mothers or postpartum mothers.  These therapies have targeted anxiety, depression, PTSD, postpartum depression, LGBTQ issues, mood disorders, ADHD, Autism, and mild OCD.

I have provided mental health services in DC, Utah, and the Bay Area and have provided volunteer services in other nations such as Madagascar, Haiti, Greece, India, South Africa, Zambia, and Kenya.  I enjoy serving with diverse populations and am passionate about helping people find the resources they need to live fulfilling lives.  I also believe in collaborating and being apart of my client's support team, and aim to help my clients build this according to their needs-getting help can be a lonely endeavor and I try to help my clients feel less lonely in the process of growing and strengthening their whole selves.

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Kelly McBride, LCSW

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