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Julie Sickles, LCSW

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A Courageous Life Counseling

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You worry all the time and wonder what is wrong with you. You notice others around you going about their day, laughing and having fun, when all you think about is what is going to go wrong next. You go round and round in your head with random questions like “What if my loved one gets cancer or dies?” “What if I lose my job?” “What if my home burns down?” You know your worries are overboard but don't know how to stop worrying. Your mind spins out of control until you feel completely overwhelmed. When you try to sleep at night, it is the worst, as your mind doesn’t stop for hours until you pass out from exhaustion.
I work with anxious people, both young and old, to help them better understand and manage their mind and emotions. I create a comfortable, accepting and easy space for us to work towards emotional clarity. You will gain concrete ideas, strategies, tools, and solutions that can be used immediately for noticeable change today.
My clients feel confident and capable of moving forward with understanding, clarity, and the skills needed to manage anxiety and focus on creating a life worth living. If you are ready to learn how to manage your thoughts and emotions, rather than allowing them to manage you, call today to set up a free 15 minute phone consultation.

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Julie Sickles, LCSW