Hilda PORT

Hilda PORT

Phone Number: 212313296


Business Address: 2 Northcote Rd, Takapuna
City: Auckland 0622
Country: New Zealand


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Currently I am a counselling psychologist at Atamai Psychological Services and work part time for LDS Family Services. Prior to this I completed a 12 month internship at a High Security Men’s Prison. After working in the prison and then working with LDSFS, I found that many of the core issues were similar between incarcerated men and latter day saints. After pondering this I developed a frame work based on our local New Zealand Pohutukawa Tree. This incredible tree has the ability to flourish in harsh conditions. At Atamai Psychological Services, we ‘model nature to increase knowledge, potential, and opportunities. The ‘Pohutukawa Tree of Knowledge’ recognises that many have faced tough times, however, we learn from past experiences and seek meaning and purpose from it. We choose not to let the past hold us back from the future we want to achieve. Our knowledge and experiences are how we learn, adapt, and grow.

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