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Ellen Hersam, LMFT


SUNNYVALE, CA (Telehealth) / AMERICAN FORK, UT (Telehealth/In-Person)
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Ascent Family Therapy

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It takes great courage to recognize when you need help and even more to ask for it. Even the strongest and most healthy need a trusted mentor, healer, and guide in their life at some point. Loneliness and isolation while surrounded by people, friends, or family can be confusing and deeply painful. What about when you're being intimate with your partner and you still feel alone? It's like you're there with them, but not really there - not truly seen. Understanding your needs and desires is an important part of your ability to relate and interact with yourself and others. Self-awareness brings freedom; a chance to make your choice.
As a person-centered therapist, I consider each individual, couple, family and their insights and life experiences unique. Working together, I use a variety of therapeutic techniques that invite solution-focused results and incorporate the strengths of my clients. This is a team effort to self-exploration, discovery, and finding hope and optimism in life.
It is difficult to find a place of safety to explore your innermost thoughts and experiences. I believe your therapist can be an important guide. It takes great courage to dive deep, to get in close to your vulnerabilities - address fears, go into the darkness of the unknown, and walk around. Know that this is not a journey you need to take alone.

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Ellen Hersam, LMFT