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Dr.Cheri strongly believes that in order to ensure health and wellness, we need to treat the whole Self--our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual realms are intimately connected. As a result, she uniquely applies her 28 years of educational and experiential knowledge with her highly intuitive abilities to assist her clients to achieve full real-I-zation. Her abilities and talents have created a reputation of helping her clients meet their expectations of healing, as well as, learn the tools to meet her individual requirements for continued health and life long growth. As a Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist and Hypnotherapist, Dr. Cheri’s specialty is working from a family systems perspective, as she explores the issue at hand by the family unit, whether working with a single individual, various family members, or, the whole family. This opens the way for the client to transition from their therapeutic learnings to successfully integrate the newfound insights and awareness to their personal lives and world.

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Cheri McDonald