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Rose Haven Counseling

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At Rose Haven Counseling I am passionate about families. We are all spiritually and evolutionarily meant to be connected with each other. Often our own or others' mental health and behaviors start to interfere with our ability to connect, be seen, understood, and heard. It is so important to understand who you are as an individual, the unique challenges you face, and the strengths you have. Our work helps to separate you from the problems you are facing, learn new skills and coping, and increase your connection with the important people in your life. This work encompasses you as a whole including your mind, body, and spirit. Incorporating spirituality, mind-body work (like EMDR), art, play, and talking will increase our ability to understand you, break through the barriers that have held you captive in your life, and start building the life you want with the people you love. I currently provide individual, couple, and family therapy sessions for teens, men, and women via telehealth. I look forward to meeting and working with you on your journey of healing.

"What we know matters, but what we are matters more." - Brene Brown

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Ashley Rose LMFT