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Dr. Alison Caldwell-Andrews
Mind-Body Total Health
6 Way Rd., Ste 215
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Dr. Alison Caldwell-Andrews

You’ve probably already tried very hard to figure out how to feel better. You’re sick of being told that you’re “too sensitive” or you’re “overreacting,” and you’re exhausted by how emotions and memories just reach out and grab you, ripping you from your best efforts at stability. The effects of trauma, including high levels of anxiety, often make you wish you could simply get rid of your emotions. It doesn’t seem to matter how smart you are or how great a problem-solver you are in other areas of your life. The end result is that you’re discouraged. I offer a collaborative approach with interventions that work. Come work with me and find hope and change.

I specialize in clients who feel overwhelmed by their emotions, and who have a hard time regulating (calming down) strong emotion. Most of my clients struggle with the effects of past trauma. Many are haunted by desires to self-harm, extreme levels of guilt and shame, and crippling anxiety. Let me help you understand how your brain is trying to help you, and how you can help your brain recover. I pursue integrating mind-body influences so that treatment works better.

Clearly you are doing the best you can. And, once you know what to do and identify what keeps holding you back, you will be more in charge of your life and you’ll feel better. You’ll have your life back! Since I want you to have your life back too, I offer a free 30-minute in-person consultation to help you take the first step toward building a life that YOU feel is worth living.

I also offer business coaching so that you can learn how to channel your best work toward developing your own business. Many times people find that various habits of emotion or thinking get in the way of their productivity and our business coaching can help resolve those things so that you can focus on making your business work for you. Telecoaching is available.

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