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As an AMCAP team, we are continuously seeking to provide resources to inform, uplift, and support our members. The listings of printed and recorded materials are just a start.

With the help of our fellow AMCAP members, these lists of archived “Classics” will include the best, most insightful articles and talks contained in our collections.

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Printed Material


Round PDF ButtonThings as They Really Are . . . by Elder Neal A. Maxwell – 1974

Round PDF ButtonSome Thoughts on the Gospel and the Behavioral Sciences by Elder Neal A. Maxwell – 1979

Round PDF ButtonRestoration and the “Turning of Things Upside Down” by Richard N. Williams – 2012

Recorded Material


Round MP3 ButtonSame-sex Attraction and the Principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by David C. Pruden

Round MP3 ButtonThe Impact of LDS Doctrine on Marital Therapy by Douglas E. Brinley

Round MP3 ButtonSpirituality and Healing in Mental Health by Elder James O. Mason

Round MP3 ButtonLetting Go: The Positive Psychology of Self-Forgiveness by Wendy Ulrich

Round MP3 ButtonReplenishing Relationships Fundamental Principles of Change by Scott Anderson

Round MP3 ButtonDoctrinal Therapy by Douglas E. Brinley

Round MP3 ButtonUnderstanding the Impact of Gender Differences in Parenting by Lili & Christian Anderson

Round MP3 ButtonConnecting With the Opposite Sex: Same Gender Attraction and Heterosexual Relationships by Daniel D. Gray

Round MP3 ButtonIn Search of the Abundant Life by Wendy Ulrich

Round MP3 Button“For the Power is in Them” Finding Peace in Tribulation by C. Terry Warner

Round MP3 ButtonAn Anatomy of Troubles by Elder Terrence C. Smith

Round MP3 ButtonThe Remaking of a Birthright: When We Have Inherited Lies by Wendy Ulrich

Round MP3 ButtonHope in the Healing Process by Elder Cecil O. Samuelson

Round MP3 Button“Carest Thou Not That We Perish?”Finding Strength and Peace in Tumultuous Times by Chris Packard

Round MP3 ButtonTo See the Face of God and Live: Attachment and the Fear of Intimacy with the Divine by Wendy Ulrich

Round MP3 ButtonHow the Other Half Lives: Understanding, Honoring, and Bridging Gender Differences by Carrie Maxwell Wrigley

Round MP3 ButtonSensitizing to Diversity by Understanding Cultural Values by Lili and Christian Anderson

Round MP3 ButtonFaithful Metaphors and Analogies in Ministering Counsel by John P. Livingstone

Round MP3 ButtonSpirituality and Psychotherapy by Wendy Ulrich


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