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Answers to Three Questions About the Chapter Coordinator


What is the Purpose of the Chapter Coordinator Network?

The purpose of the Chapter Coordinator  is to help build a global community of LDS mental health professionals. AMCAP is over 40 years old and has a world wide membership of over 400 members. A Chapter Coordinator is a leader for a respective AMCAP area.

We will make web pages that feature your area, introduce AMCAP initiatives as well as post details and pictures of events in your area. We hope you will choose to be involved in the great opportunity to connect with LDS colleagues around the world.

What Do Chapter Coordinators Do?

Chapter Coordinators identify, recruit, and network with fellow LDS colleagues in their respective area. As AMCAP membership grows in a given area, the opportunity to unite the talents and specialties of many to accomplish good works significantly increases. There is strength in numbers, and many minds are better than one mind. Some AMCAP chapters meet monthly, while others meet two to three times a year. Some Chapter Coordinators work with Church leaders to hold a conferences for members on marriage, parenting, or a specific mental health problem that is troubling the Saints in that area. Other Chapter Coordinators offer training to LDS leaders about mental health problems and community resources available to help Saints who may struggle with specific problems.

How Do I Get Involved?

After becoming an AMCAP member, you simply provide your picture, a brief biography or vitae, and contact information to

You will receive regular contact by email from the board member in charge of Chapter development.

We hope you can share of your time and talents to make a difference for good by serving as an AMCAP Chapter Coordinator. AMCAP needs you!

Chapter Groups – Find your group and join it!

AMCAP Mid-Atlantic Chapter

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