2016 Vendor Booth Information

For businesses interested in having a booth at the AMCAP Convention.

There are about 200-250 counselors who come to each conference. These therapists may work for an agency or may have a private practice.  The booth cost is $600. If paid by September 1, the cost is $500. The tables at each booth are  2′ x 4′. We have 11 booths we are renting. The booths are available on a first come, first serve basis. Even though there is a discount if the the booths are paid for by September 1, it is subject to booth availability.

The booth rental will include two complimentary lunches for each day. Someone from your organization must be in the booth at all times during the two days to answer any questions from the AMCAP members.

Please contact Emily at mail@ldsamcap.org with additional questions or to reserve a booth.


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